Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bangus Restaurant

Last Friday amid the heavy rains during the previous days, we went to Trinoma first to buy hangers for my mom then after, we went to Bangus Restaurant at Greenhills to try if their food was still the same for the last time I ate there was since I was in grade school. hahaha....

Calamares - not that delicious

Chicharon Bulaklak-pwede na

Pork Sisig-ayus

Bangus Ala Pobre Prime Cut - not as delicious as before...

We were so hungry that night and we finished all our orders even the 3 orders of garlic rice. hahaha... As a side note, our waiter wasn't that encouraging when we ordered. He gave us this confused look when we ordered a lot. I think the staff here doesn't like to work anymore and they just want to stay in their mediocre world because we were the only ones eating during that time and there were no other customers. The was not even a manager available and this in the reason for the loss of quality and service of the restaurant. sayang.

I think we won't eat here again in the near future. 

The highlight of our greenhills trip was when we went to Hizon's Promenade Branch to buy their goodies! Sarap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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