Monday, August 6, 2012

Its nice to be back at Yabu, the house of Katsu

If you remember last January 2012, I wrote about our fabulous dinner at Yabu, SM Megamall (2nd Flr., The Atrium) and how I wanted to invite my parents there. Well it finally came through last Sunday August 5. 

Full House even at 9PM

Sorry wasn't able to take food pics this time because all of us were all hungry... hahaha

Tonkatsu Sauce

Me and Gavin - Big boy na siya... hahaha

Me and my wife looking at the blogger frames

Gavin very malikot at Yabu

My Mom and Dad enjoying their meal at Yabu (Photo courtesy by Mr. Gavin Solis--hahaha)

Little Boy playing with Yabu Menu

Stolen Pic


 I was informed the week before by my cousin who ate at Yabu that my blog post was framed. I couldn't believe it because I'm not a popular blogger. I just blog to share my experiences in life as well as to relieve stress from work. Hahaha...This frame inspired me to continue blogging. Thank you Yabu for promoting my blog in your restaurant. =D
The Proud Rookie Blogger...hahaha

In the end, Yabu served us a delicious meal as usual.. MASARAP TALAGA, SULIT and consistent servings and taste! I was able to eat 2 bowls of rice this time as well as 2 servings of shredded cabbage. hahaha. My mom and dad enjoyed their meal and my plan 7 months ago was fulfilled. Yahoo! I was able to chat also with our server and their new branch at Robinson's New Manila(site wherein Magnolia Ice Cream Parlor used to be) will open at the end of August 2012. My mom and dad really enjoyed eating their katsu at well as eat their shredded cabbage with their dressings. Ang sarap daw!!!! Knowing my mom and her quality in tasting/eating foods, Yabu will surely be a favorite of hers in the future. Til next time Yabu!!!!! 

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